Why a Travel Data Agility Platform will Take Your Airline to the Next Level

By Hélène Dubos | Technology

Oct 22

Data is key – if you don’t embrace data, you will perish.

That’s how Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airlines, describes the challenge – and opportunity – that data presents the aviation industry.

Calls for airlines to improve how they use the information they collect have been growing for years now, and most airlines already know how important it is to do so. However, there’s a big difference between awareness and action. Airlines know they have to up their data game - the question is how.

For airlines seeking to square this hole, a Travel Data Agility Platform (TDA Platform) may well provide the solution. TDA Platforms offer a new, one-stop solution which helps airlines make sense of their vast amounts of data. So what exactly is a TDA Platform, and how can it help you?

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What is a Travel Data Agility Platform?

All airlines collect large amounts of data – anything from passenger details to baggage location to payments information. However, very few have the ability to meaningfully process and utilize all this data. And this is where a Travel Data Agility Platform comes in.

Our TDA Platform provides a single environment where all data are cleaned, analyzed and organized, where airlines can understand passengers and make intelligent decisions. Let’s look at how this would help your airline.

The 4 key benefits of a Travel Data Agility Platform

Here are the four key benefits your airline will experience when using a Travel Data Agility Platform:

1. Better know your Customers

All airlines collect vast amounts of data from multiple sources - these include PSS, DCS, baggage systems, CRM and much more. The challenge of this kind of data is that it is often duplicate, and can be difficult to integrate since it is siloed to serve a dedicated process. Cleaning and organizing this data in a way which can be used for drawing business and customer insights are technically challenging, expensive and slow.

A Travel Data Agility Platform helps by:
Automatically capturing, cleaning and structuring data from multiple sources to get a global business data view and unique customer views, and doing so in a single environment. A TDA Platform helps your airline by correlating and analyzing data, to deduct implicit and contextual information fast.

2. Better sell to your passengers

Airlines know a huge amount about their customers. Unfortunately, in most cases, they are unable to do anything useful with this information. The way data is organized often stops you from finding contextual and implicit links, to learn about customers and provide them with the best service.

A Travel Data Agility Platform helps by:
Providing your offer management systems and marketing tools with smart insights that can be used for personalization. Whether it’s providing targeted offers for a particular customer profile when they are visiting your website, or giving them unique promotions, a Travel Data Agility Platform helps you understand your customers better, feeding them the most relevant and effective offers through your marketing systems.

3. Better serve your passengers

Today’s airline passengers expect ever-higher standards of service, yet many airlines continue to treat most passengers in the exact same way. The irony is, most companies’ systems have the information, somewhere, which would allow them to offer a more personal and proactive service during travel but neither the staff nor the automated processes have access to it or use it.

A Travel Data Agility Platform helps by:
Providing your cabin crews and front-line staff with real-time knowledge of individual customers and their situations, as well as delivering automated emails and SMS to customers. Whether they’ve been delayed or have missed a connection, whether they are a loyal customer or a high spender, the platform can relay this important contextual information to your teams and communication systems, meaning they can offer the most appropriate service, whatever the situation.

4. Ease evolution

Airlines are under constant pressure to evolve – keeping up with new kinds of digital habits, new legislation or international agreements about data processing. Managing all these different demands is challenging and time-consuming, especially with data held in vast, confusing and often unaccountable silos.

A Travel Data Agility Platform helps by:
Providing you with a central platform where you can easily integrate any new technology partners and standards – in a way that ensures compliance with legislation and future-proofs you for an evolving industry.


Understand the benefits of a Travel Data Agility Platform in-depth

Airlines are under pressure to adapt to a data-rich world – yet organizing and using the vast amounts of data they collect can be a real challenge. The good news is that a Travel Data Agility Platform can help by providing a centralized and organized platform to manage your data and make it actionable throughout all your customer-facing systems.

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