Reuters. U.S. asks governments worldwide to provide extra traveller data.

By Hélène Dubos | PNR & Security Border

Sep 29
US immigration demands passenger biometric data
Governments worldwide are being asked to share biometric and lost/stolen passport data for airline passengers. A cable from the U.S State Department indicates that governments who are unable to comply with this requirement could face sanctions.

Dated July 12th, 2017, the cable was sent to all U.S. diplomatic posts and is a review of the latest American security vetting procedures. A link to the Reuters article and the U.S State Department are shown below.

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Read the Reuters article and view the U.S. State Department cable.

Exclusive - U.S. asks nations to provide more traveller data or face sanctions.

The U.S. State Department cable can be read here:

Extract from the U.S. State Department cable regarding air passenger data.

In order to enhance an assessment of whether foreign governments meet the new baseline standards, governments are asked to answer a number of questions about passengers. Here’s an extract from the Reuter’s story and the cable sent by the US State Department:

In response to Executive Order (EO) 13780, the Secretary of Homeland Security, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Director of National Intelligence, has produced a report outlining what information is needed from every country in order to sufficiently vet the nationals of that country in order to obtain a visa, admission at a port of entry, or other immigration benefit.

The report, which prioritizes country engagement based on certain risk factors, establishes standards related to (1) identity management and (2) information sharing on security and public safety threats.

The report includes a classified list of countries preliminarily assessed as not meeting the standards set out in the report and a list of those at risk of not meeting these standards. The classified country lists and country-specific talking points have been sent septel to impacted posts

See the full Reuters’ story here.


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