“Unleash the power of your data”: A new proposition to help airlines determine the potential of their data.

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Apr 15
Unleash your PNR data
Sophia Antipolis, France. March 25, 2019.

The benefits of leveraging the data from their bookings are not obvious for most airlines. Those advantages are usually offset by the sheer complexity of the technologies underlying the processing of data, and by the difficulty in understanding where to start such a project.

Conztanz just launched an innovative and compelling offer that will ease the path-to-data for airlines, and provide a simple solution to this important matter. 

Based on one year of booking's history processed by the Travel Data Agility Platform, Conztanz's experts can provide to the client airline an insightful picture of its business, identify improvement points and propose corrective actions to enhance its customer experience, to optimize operations impacting passengers or sales conversion. The delivery of such analysis, including the Implementation of the IT environment and the loading of the data, can be done in under 5 weeks. All processing will be done in compliance with GDPR rules

"We are very proud to propose this offer that helps airlines position themselves on transformation topics related to data. The first feedback from our test airline was very positive. We strongly believe this offer can help airlines to accelerate their decision to become data-driven companies"  explains Raphaël Bejar, Chief Commercial Officer of Conztanz.

In addition, Conztanz has set an attractive discount of 50% discount for the first three subscribing airlines.

Booking data contains an immense and unparalleled value for airlines... airlines can now assess this value easily using the ConztanzONE platform, at a very accessible price.

About Conztanz

Conztanz is a software and IT consulting company dedicated to enabling data-related transformation for the airline industry.

Our Data Agility Platform is designed with the travel industry aims of putting key data at the heart of airline systems to integrate personalization and real-time context into sales processes and customer digital services.

Our robust platform allows airlines to deeply know all of their customers and business data, and deliver the right information at the right time to the right interface, allowing true cost savings while improving significantly the customer experience.

It collects multi-source data from back-end systems such as PSS in order to consolidate and deduce for every individual their travel history, profile, and behaviors, and capture the context of each of their travel journeys in real-time. The system optimizes sales and marketing by pushing personalized and real-time data to business applications. It improves the customer experience by triggering adequate communications to the traveler, upon events, while enabling self-service interactions thanks to its ability to orchestrate other systems.

As recognized experts in air transport systems, we also offer consulting services enabling the quick success of critical IT transition projects such as PSS migration, NDC adoption, and API-PNR implementation.

Conztanz’s customers include Flybe, BRA, Air Corsica, Luxair, Boliviana de Aviaçion, Brussels Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Air Tahiti, Air Caledonie and AirBerlin, and the Government of Luxembourg.