How a data agility platform can help Airlines leverage the data goldmine and resolve legacy system integration challenges

By Hélène Dubos | Technology

Apr 10

The pace of innovation and change for airlines is increasing at breakneck speed, yet the complex mix of different IT platforms, inaccessible data and third-party suppliers means making the required changes is not straightforward.

Inability to access data prevents airlines from responding to changing market demands

Because of legacy constraints, applications and data are often organised by business domain, meaning data exchange is cumbersome and slow. As a result, airlines often develop proprietary tools like messaging systems, enterprise service buses or ETL to achieve the required interoperation.

Although these are an improvement, they may not be adequate for meeting the actual business challenges such as:

  • Managing increasing product complexity: the need to include product options - car rental, hotels and other partner offerings - to generate additional revenue
  • Enabling personalisation: the opportunity to improve revenue and profit by tailoring products to individual consumers
  • Ensure consistency of experience whatever the channel: mobile, app, browser, social media
  • Get a simple and access to consolidated customer data

A further problem is the constraints placed on airlines when attempting business or technology change.

  • More often than not data is on legacy platforms, and the introduction of any new technology requires complex integration work.
  • The PSS provider can only make a limited number of changes, and there is often a lengthy delay before these are available, and, when they do arrive, may not meet the requirement specified by the airline.

The solution: Conztanz Travel Data Agility Platform (TDAP)

TDAP is a new generation platform capturing all of the information (and especially customer related data) processed by the legacy, PSS and third-party systems in real-time, structure it into a generic data model to provide ready access to operational and transactional data.

The main features of the TDA Platform include:

  1.  Extensive use of APIs provides functions such as retrieve-PNR and display full order in NDC format.
  2. Event processing engine that can be customised with business rules to push passenger related events (flight delay, gate change, bag recovery message, etc.) to airline staff or passengers.
  3. Flexible multisystem data collector capable of translating all generations of airline business messaging standards including Type B to NDC, EDIFACT and XML.
  4. A customer intimacy database that stores customer journey history, identification of unique customers and travel patterns.

TDA offers significant benefits to airlines

Faster time to market for new products and services: easier access to data means the speedier launch of new products and services, improved marketing campaigns and better in-flight services.

Rapid implementation: use of open source code and APIs, along with deployment skills provided by the Conztanz integration team, mean TDAP can be deployed quickly.

Less dependency on the PSS: achieved without the need for lengthy, expensive development by PSS operators.

And last but not least, Scalability: a Cloud-based delivery that can expand with business needs.

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