Get access to your data

to implement personalization and data-driven innovation

Our Platform can help you to:

Better Know

Get access to accurate and deep knowledge of your customers & sales activities to elaborate efficient actions plan.

Better SELL

Use the power of data to personalize your offer, timely propose the relevant ancillaries, launch very last minute promotions upon inventory availability or develop micro-targeted campaigns.

Better Serve

Attend your traveler in real-time and even proactively.
Develop self-service facilities to quickly manage changes occuring during the travel.
Give your staff full information about the traveler.


Be equipped to easily implement next industry evolutions.
Run legacy and emerging solutions in parallel. No bing bang!
Secure IT operations.

  • Better know
  • Better Sell
  • Better Serve
  • Ease Evolution
Better Know
Get deep insights on all your customers

We showed one of our customers that 11% of their highest value travellers (in revenue), were not part of the airline’s loyalty program. Therefore, 11% were not recognized as important customers for the airline staff neither whilst traveling nor for marketing campaigns.

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Upgrade your BI

Use ConztanzONE platform to complete your data management tools and raise your airline at the level of web-native companies. 

ConztanzONE personalizes the interactions with your travelers all along the journey: shopping, booking, traveling, post-travel.



360° view of all customers, flights & travel events.

Understand your business & customers  and identify improvements


Connectable to any front or back-end system and touchpoints .
Launch event-triggered processes designed for micro-target or large segments.


A cloud-based platform implemented
in few weeks.

Master Data

Deep knowledge of ALL customers  of past or active travels.
Real-time information of travelling passengers  &
operational events.

Become Agile

Push meaningful data instantly to any system: offer, pricing, notification, marketing campaign, third party...
Accelerate your IT project, overpass the IT legacy constraints.


Have your customers data directly  accessible into your CRM and support channels

CRM is one area where things have most evolved in the last two decade.

The customers expect the airlines to know everything about the "commercial relationship ": the travel they have booked (their orders) , the experience they had during the travel (the delivery) without being obliged to explain the situation when they need to contact the airline. 

In parallel,  the way  the customers are assisted have been deeply transformed : 

  • New technics have emerged, in the last two decades, to boost efficiency and cut costs  : self-service and automation to answer the frequently asked questions ... far from the simple one-to-one call.
  • the numbers of contact channels have been demultiplied to follow the digital habits of the customers : email, chatbot, social networks. 

... and Airlines have to adopt what best fit to them and their customers and adapt their organization and systems. Key topics to address these customer needs and leverage the new channels is "gather & structure Customer Data" and "fuel those Data to Customer Support's channels".

To address these customer needs and leverage the new channels, we have  built connectors and apps to connect our platform with major CRMs.

 We have also developped sets of APIs to enable any chatbot and other channels such as mobile app or social networks to retrieve the valuable customer insights generated by our platform or by data generated by your existing systems. 

Get rich insights on each one of your customers : past travels, behaviors & habits (preferred route, booking class, sales channel, ...), various metrics (total/segmented flight/ancillary revenues generated on a given period),  belonging to a “cluster” (a marketing segment detected by our data science techniques) or simply reliable contact details (email., mobile number…

Integration of PSS data
into a CRM screen


based on 3 years history

Is some data are missing for your analytics tasks or your daily operation management ?

We focus all our energy to build fexible solutions for Airlines to ease their access to customer & business data and to raise them at the level of web-native companies in terms of data usage.

  • Implement quickly daily revenue dashboard on indicators you choose to finely drive your business such as  Revenue per sales channel, per routes,  daily comparaison etc
  • Daily update of your data. Upon the sourcing feed, data can also be processed in real-time.

Our platform can upgrade your data eco-system effortlessly.

It voids the main difficulties faced by airline industry about data management - data sourcing, data handling and data quality - and provide a wide new range of business and cusomers data.
How ?
Thanks to a perfect integration with the PSS and main IT systems of airlines and data management functionalities specifically designed for travel data.

Travel Specific
exposing  all dimensions :
travel, traveler, transport


Integrable into your existing warehouse

A flexible platform, use it the way you need

  • As a new Operational Data Store covering new needs around customer & business data
  • As an intermediate data mart feeding your existing data warehouse

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Adjust your offer to each one of your customer

Identify your customer directly while he is shopping and display immediately his advantages and prefered options when it is relevant.
Here is a demo of an online journey's personalization we have built on a website based on Amadeus eRetail  with a partner specialised in developing interfaces for airlines.