Get access to your data

to implement personalization and data-driven innovation

Our Platform can help you to:

Better Know

Get access to accurate and deep knowledge of your customers & sales activities to elaborate efficient actions plan.

Better SELL

Use the power of data to personalize your offer, timely propose the relevant ancillaries, launch very last minute promotions upon inventory availability or develop micro-targeted campaigns.

Better Serve

Attend your traveler in real-time and even proactively.
Develop self-service facilities to quickly manage changes occuring during the travel.
Give your staff full information about the traveler.


Be equipped to easily implement next industry evolutions.
Run legacy and emerging solutions in parallel. No bing bang!
Secure IT operations.

ConztanzONE personalizes the interactions with your travelers all along the journey: shopping, booking, traveling, post-travel.

360° view of all customers, flights & travel events.

Understand your business & customers  and identify improvements


Connectable to any front or back-end system and touchpoints .
Launch event-triggered processes designed for micro-target or large segments.


A cloud-based platform implemented
in few weeks.

Master Data

Deep knowledge of ALL customers  of past or active travels.
Real-time information of travelling passengers  &
operational events.

Become Agile

Push meaningful data instantly to any system: offer, pricing, notification, marketing campaign, third party...
Accelerate your IT project, overpass the IT legacy constraints.

Use cases

  • Better know
  • Better Sell
  • Better Serve
  • Ease Evolution
Better Serve
Provide your frontline teams with the tools they need
With the InCabin app, your cabin crew have all Information at a glance:

Special passenger’s situation on board, SSRs, blocked seats and any other technical issues of the aircraft cabin.

Real time flight and passenger data. Synchronize before take-off and after land-in and use offline during the flight 

Operation will gain efficiency: 

Easy On board seat reassignment with the seat map view.

Easy information sharing and update (ground, cabin, customer service, commercial)

Customer experience will be improved:

Personalized greeting and assistance as you know passenger profile and context (VIPs, Loyalty members, connecting)

And much more, the app is ready to integrate other innovative functionalities: bag info, promotion display, duty free catalog…