Saudia Aims To Double In Size. IATA NDC Is part Of The Plan.

By Hélène Dubos | Trends & Innovation

Dec 02
Saudia Aims To Double In Size. IATA NDC Is part Of The Plan.

With IATA NDC, airline customers get a consistent, rich experience through all their touchpoints, including ancillary sales.

Imagine passengers could have receive rich promotional messages about your flights and services, and have a seamless experience of all your airline touchpoints, including any ancillary sales.

That’s a big part of the vision offered by IATA’s NDC New Distribution Capability … and over the next few months it’s about to become reality for Saudia, Saudi Arabia Airlines.

But first, how does NDC work?


Overview of the IATA NDC solution.

NDC was created by IATA as a way for all parts of the travel and tourism value chain – that includes airlines, travel management companies, online travel agencies, corporate buyers, global distribution systems and other technology players – to share rich messaging and customer management data.

In terms of technology, NDC uses web-friendly XML-based data. This enables travel marketing teams to incorporate technologies like video and analytics in their promotions, and for support teams to manage the customer journey before and after the flight.

“NDC is a powerful way for airlines to meet the challenge of new consumers and new ways of doing business,” says Helene Dubos, CMO at Conztanz. “And as specialists in airline data access & management, we’re in a powerful position to help airlines prepare their current data platform for NDC compatibility.”


IATA NDC and Saudia Saudi Arabian Airlines.

In an article by Mid East Information, Mr Rashed Al-Ajmi, Vice president Sales at Saudi Arabian Airlines, said: “At Saudia, implementation of NDC is seen as a major Transformation project focusing on revenue drivers, major cost reducing programs and implementing ONE Order initiatives, beyond opportunities in distribution. NDC standards enable Saudia to offer our guests the opportunity to have a consistent shopping experience, including access to rich content, ability to buy ancillary products and services and to be recognized and receive personalized offers, wherever they shop for Saudia products, especially from the Travel Agents and Online Travel Agency channels.”

The Mid East Information article went on to highlight that Saudia embarked on an ambitious transformation program in 2015 with the goal of doubling in seven years what had been achieved in the previous 70 years. As part of the transformation program, Saudia has recently signed agreements to purchase 113 new aircraft.

Conztanz’s Helene Dubos says that IATA’s NDC is perfectly adapted to achieve such growth goal. “NDC is the perfect way for airlines and their ecosystem partners to leverage the maximum value from their current data resources. At Conztanz, our job is to make sure that data from throughout the business – including data silos, apps and business intelligence systems – can be made available, in real-time, to distribution channels, thanks to NDC.”


Get IATA NDC ‘Change Readiness Guide’ from Conztanz.

Helene Millet is a Senior Expert at Conztanz. As a member of the IATA NDC
DDX (Distribution Data Exchange) committee, she has helped define the features of NDC. She was on the IATA NDC working groups for ‘shopping & order management’, and is now co-lead for the Implementation Guide Taskforce.

To get a copy of the latest IATA Change Readiness Guide, please click on the link below.


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