Airlines. Four Reasons To Fast Track Implementation of PNR Data for Governments With Conztanz.

By Hélène Dubos | PNR & Security Border

Jun 14

With millions of passengers, thousands of flights, dozens of DCS airport systems and hundreds of travel re-sellers, the implications for airlines of managing PNR data are extraordinarily complex.

Passenger Name Records, as defined in EU 2016/681 PNR legislation, have millions of permutations … and these details need to be provided to governments at very precise intervals for every flight to, from or over Europe.

Fortunately for airlines who are still assessing their PNR security strategy, Conztanz has an efficient, proven and economical solution.

Here’s three important points to bear in mind:

First. Our ConztanzONE ‘agility platform’ is a cloud-based solution which will connect with any systems, anywhere. With ConztanzONE virtual sockets, you can make all the necessary connections for a complete PNR security solution.

Second. Conztanz has proven consulting skills in the field of PNR security. We played a key technical role in implementing the French API-PNR solution … and we’re way ahead of the curve for implementing PNR security solutions throughout the EU.

Third. Overlaying the cloud-based ConztanzONE solution onto your current is easy. There is no extra hardware: your current IT infrastructure, and those of your partners, are protected.

Take a look at the four distinct advantages of the ConztanzONE PNR security solution for airlines.

Fast Track PNR Implementation With Conztanz.

1. Fast integration of PNR data providers and states format.
2. Conversion of raw data to standard IATA PNR formats (PNRGOV and PAXLST).
3. Reduction of PNR security flow operation, support and maintenance cost.
4. Expert consulting for PNR systems and data.

1. Fast integration of PNR data providers and states.

As a cloud-based solution, ConztanzONE has pre-configured, virtual connections to the vast major of systems in use by airports, flight resellers and association partners.

Compatibility with airport DCS Departure Control Systems is fundamental to a successful implementation of a PNR security project. ConztanzONE complies with all major and regional airport DCS (Departure Control Systems) out of the box. If any incompatible airports are discovered, Conztanz has the expertise to create a custom virtual connector.

We will also be able to integrate data from your reseller partners into your PNR security flow.

2. Conversion of raw data to standard IATA PNR formats (PNRGOV and PAXLST).

ConztanzONE gives you instant (or at the very least fast-track) compatibility with the messaging standards which form the PNR security legislation. These are:

PNRGOV. The list of booked passengers and their PNR details. It has to be provided at H-48hrs, H-24hrs and H-0hrs (H is the scheduled flight departure time).

PAXLST. This the list of actual boarded passenger, extracted from the airport DCS records. It has to be provided at H+10 minutes.

PAXLST ‘CREW’. This is the list of commercial and technical crew members, from the airline’s own records. It has to be provided at H+10 minutes.

3. Reduction of PNR security operation, support and maintenance cost.

Because ConztanzONE is cloud-based it has a negligible effect on your current IT resources. Airlines will only have to maintain one backward compatible interface.

Operation. Our cloud solution can actually prevent airlines having to invest in new dedicated hardware and software PNR security solutions. This is because our virtual sockets will connect to silos of data throughout the organization.
Support. As ConztanzONE interfaces with existing IT resources, there is almost no extra support overhead. Any new support is limited to the provision of PNR data to the relevant authorities.
Maintenance. ConztanzONE is maintenance free. Updates are provided in the background by Conztanz.

4. Expert consulting for PNR systems and data.

In addition to the ConztanzONE agility platform, Conztanz can provide consulting, strategy and implementation services to airlines.

Conztanz played a key role in the development of the French API-PNR solution.

We have been trusted by the French government to supply compliance certification for airlines flying to, from and over France. As you’ll see in our PNR Gateway presentation (link below) we have already certified 40 major airlines. This certification process included multiple DCS systems, 20 reservation systems, 30 crew systems, 230 airports and 1500 routes.

Fast track compliance with (EU) 2016/681 PNR legislation.

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