Insightful Data to fuel your airlines solution

We provide easy access to your Airline Partner's Travel & Customer data and
agile integration capabilities to make smart data & automation enrich your solution.

Add personalization capabilites to CRM, communication, retail and merchandise solutions

Bring your solution to the next level with instant access to airline's cleaned & structured customer data through API.

Fast integration of your solution into the air transport ecosystem

Automate your processes between your solution and Airlines or Airport systems.
Get the only necessary pieces of integration to fill the gaps.

Complete your NDC solution

Fuel your NDC channel with personalization 
Track service fulfillment & broadcast its status to all involved partners
Enable that all indirect boookings can be managed the same way, no gap between  GDS or NDC's orders


360 exhaustive view of all customers, flights & travel events.

Powered by analytics capabilities.


Connectable to any front or back-end systems
 and touchpoints 

thanks to our set of APIs


A cloud-based platform implemented
in few weeks.

Designed by Air Transport Experts for IT players of Air Transport Industry

Whether it is a problem about customer data access, integration or processes automation between the existing core systems of an airline and digital interfaces or partner systems. We can help you! 

Air industry is complex, ruled by rigid and standardized processes, specific flow and messages. Deep expertise is mandatory to move fast in any project impacting the IT chain.

If your solution needs access to airlines customer data, our platform provides a plug and play solution structuring the exhaustive customer data

and maintaining this base updated with real-time insights occuring during a travel. Feeding any application, especially those requiring transactional speed, with insightful information is a children’s game for us.

If you require integration pieces to fill gaps or need to set automation, our platform provides a plug and play solution with built-in industry connectors and a powerful orchestration layer that can execute complex tasks at the PSS level. 

Use cases

  • Airline Customer data access
  • Offer Personalization
  • Marketing Personalization
  • Personalization while Traveling
Airline Customer Data Access
Airline Customer Data Access

If you need access to airlines’ customer data, you’ll have quickly realized that this is tough: they are scattered across different siloed systems. When there are a CRM or loyalty systems, data are only partial, not covering the exhaustive customer base.

To be able to connect them to your solution, a first heavy work of collection and consolidation of customer data has to be done... and needs to be maintained later.

On behalf of the airline, our platform builds and provides the profile of each individual customer, runs an analysis to discover habits and identifies groups of customers with similar behaviors and can feed your application on request (PULL), upon specific triggers or routine (PUSH).