Delayed And Missed Flights. Real-time Event Detection & SMS Automation Eases The Pain For Airline Passengers.

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Feb 23

Stuff happens. Flights get delayed. Or passengers get stuck in traffic and miss their departure.

But with ConztanzONE, real-time event detection, airlines can turn those problems into an opportunity to show how proactive they are when it comes to customer service.

Take flight delays. The event-triggered tools in ConztanzONE are easily configured to automatically SMS travelers from a range of potential offers, depending on real-time assessment of variables like ‘length of delay’ and ‘frequent flyer status’.

Our missed flight options are just as impressive.
ConztanzONE can provide travelers with the option to re-book on the next flight, simply by replying ‘yes’ to an automated SMS.

And because ConztanzONE is cloud-based and designed for air transport business, it can virtually connect to any PSS, CRM, baggage system, DCS, apps and partner systems… to build innovative way of doing business and delighting customers.

Find out more about our cloud-based, smart data platform for airlines.

Missed flight and flight delayed are just two scenarios that ConztanzONE answers with smart, real-time SMS solutions.

If you’d like to know more about the unique benefits of ConztanzONE for airlines (and airports), please get in touch.

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