Resources about Airlines Solutions

Airline Digital Transformation

What means digital transformation for an airline? What are the implications for airline managers? This document tries to answer to these questions.

Why airlines must transform their call centers into customer experience hubs? 

This document argues that customer service is moving beyond the traditional call center. Why airlines must evolve to provide a more comprehensive approach to customer services?

A short guideline for your PSS migration 

A short guide based on our strong PSS migration expertise to share some of our tips and methodology.

Usecases for Travel Data Agility Platform

Understand the large spectrum of usecases that can be realized by our Travel Data Agility platform.

The emergence of Data Agility Platform 

What is the new generation of platforms ? Why will it become mandatory to implement such tool in your IT architecture?
This whitepaper delivers our vision on this topic.

Connect any data to any system

Unlock your data siloes and partners ressources with the new generation of data platform.
This document presents how ConztanzONE platform can interconnect your IT ecosystem. 


IATA Airline Industry Retaiing  Panel October 2018
Leader’s Talk by Forbes
May 2018
Phocuswright US Conference
November 2017
Elevator Pitch Contest  French Riviera
  February 2016
What does ConztanzONE Platform do ?
Connect your data & your applications
Enabling Airlines to Personalize 
ConztanzONE liberates data for Airlines & Airports

Blog articles

Resources about PNR & Border Security

Introduction to Passenger Data Collection by Governments

Understand what the EU legislation request and challenges that implies to be compliant.

The API-PNR gateway 

Discover the details of the solution designed for Governments & Airlines to quickly comply with the PNR legislation in EU and abroad .


API-PNR Gateway for European States

Blog articles