Conztanz Awarded IATA NDC Level 3 Certification

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Mar 23
IATA certification

Sophia Antipolis, France. March 14th, 2017.

Conztanz has been awarded the coveted NDC Level 3 IATA Certification.

Its ConztanzOne agility platform is now officially empowered with the latest standard distribution features.

Helene Millet, Airline Business Expert at Conztanz, was the team leader in developing the NDC capability at Conztanz. “We’re enthusiastic about NDC as a major retail opportunity for airlines“, explains Millet, “and our recognition by IATA is a bold step for ConztanzOne as it demonstrates our platform’s power and flexibility“.

Millet continues: “ConztanzONE is a cloud-based solution that enables virtually any data source to be connected to any internal or external application in real-time. ConztanzONE collects multi-source data, deduces the customer context, and feeds customer-facing services – like websites, apps or any distribution interface – with instant, relevant data. ConztanzONE then manages data feedback into the appropriate back-end system. In short, ConztanzONE allows end-to-end processes, from shopping to booking.

Claude Muller, NDC Architect at IATA stated “We are very excited to welcome Conztanz as an IT Provider within our NDC program. Having achieved Level 3 NDC Capability, Conztanz joins the fold of IT providers supporting airlines’ efforts to simplify distribution through the use of NDC standards. With this achievement, Conztanz demonstrates its capability to provide different airlines with innovative solutions in the travel industry“.

The cloud-based ConztanzONE airline data agility platform has four key functions:

1) data and business integration

2) link back-end services to customer interface apps

3) provide event-triggered responses

4) enable real-time personalization

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