Enabling IATA’s Vision for ‘Mobile Self Service’ FAST Travel at Airports.

By Hélène Dubos | Trends & Innovation

Apr 25

According to an article by SITA, about 97% of airline passengers carry some sort of connected mobile device with them. Airlines were first off the block with apps for travellers, but now IATA’s FAST program offers exciting ways for airlines and airports to work together.

The FAST program covers six key events (we’ve summarized them below) where passengers can use their mobile device for ‘self service’ as they travel through the airport’s pre- and post-flight processes.

FAST is quickly getting traction and IATA reckon that 30% of passengers currently have access to self-service facilities. By 2020 (see the IATA link below), it is estimated that 80% of airport passengers will be using FAST self-service processes.


How airports and airlines can work together on FAST initiatives.

IATA estimate that FAST could save $2.1 billion around the world on relevant airport processes.

From the airline perspective, they can save on check-in costs and provide travellers with a more streamlined service.
From the airport perspective, they can use their biggest asset – real estate – more efficiently.
And from the traveller perspective, FAST could mean an end to waiting in line, both before and after their flight.

Of course, enabling airlines and airports to implement FAST initiatives requires the speedy, secure and accurate sharing of passenger data. And management of passenger data is the core skill at Conztanz.


ConztanzOne is the ‘smart bridge’ between multi-location, legacy and active data and FAST apps.

As a consulting firm, Conztanz helps airlines to implement projects like PSS Passenger Service Systems migration from Amadeus and Sabre, EU PNR Passenger Name Record legislation, and IATA’s NDC New Distribution Capabilities.

But our offer extends beyond consulting to providing a data hub, called ConztanzOne, that can be configured to collect and share airline data and partner data.

And ConztanzOne can equally be used as the data bridge which enables airlines and airports to work together on implementing FAST solutions.

Bertrand Kientz, co-founder and CEO and Conztanz, says: “The smart use of data and the FAST initiative has the power to revolutionize the airport experience for travellers. A significant and increasing majority of travellers want to use their smartphone to have a more streamlined pre- and post-flight experience.”

Bertrand also explains that airlines can use ConztanzOne to leverage other marketing initiatives. “For example, we recently helped Braathens Aviation of Norway to use their PNR/SBR records to drive SMS campaign to customers. The ConztanzOne APIs enabled Braathen’s SMS app developer to easily and securely pull the relevant data into their app. It’s a great example of how the flexibility of ConztanzOne opens up a whole new world of data-driven opportunities.”


Six ‘self-service’ components of the IATA FAST airport initiative.

There’s more detailed information about FAST on the IATA and SITA links below. But here’s a quick overview of the six ways that FAST streamlines the airport experience.


FAST Check-in

No more waiting in line. FAST check-in allows passengers to receive their boarding pass at a choice of self-service channels, including online, kiosk or mobile.


FAST Bags ready-to-go

Another queue saver. This FAST initiative enables passengers to print and attach their bag tags themselves. Combines well with baggage drop-off points around the airport.


FAST Document scanning

The smarter way for passengers to share their travel document data – like passports, ID cards and visas – to streamline the boarding process. Can also ‘pre verify’ the validity of documents.


FAST Self-boarding

Rather than airline staff manually re-checking documents at the boarding stage, passengers could use automated boarding gates to gain access to the plane.


FAST Flight re-booking

If a flight is canceled or delayed, the FAST initiative enables passengers to be re-booked on an alternative flight or given another solution via their mobile device. Saves on rush of passengers to the information desk.


FAST Bag Recovery

If a bag goes missing, FAST could enable the passenger to take the necessary action through their smartphone or other device.


Find out about the ConztanzONE platform

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