Airline passenger Data Architecture. Meet Conztanz At Flightglobal 2016, London.

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Aug 01

Meet Conztanz at the 2016 Flightglobal event Meet Conztanz at the 2016 Flightglobal event in London from September 20 to 22nd.

The ability to correlate and share data is becoming a key differentiator for airlines. Smarter use of data enables innovative airlines to build intuitive and event driven customer process … and the next generation of travel apps.

The problem for many airlines lies in data being trapped in outsourced and existing systems. The way airlines have evolved – structurally, by outsourcing and via Mergers & Acquisitions – also means there are silos of data around the organization that are just waiting to be exploited.

ConztanzONE has been designed with the specific goal of liberating data for airlines. Labeled as ‘the airline innovation hub’, ConztanzONE takes data from all systems – no matter what the format – and turns it into a valuable business asset for the e-service, e-commerce and CRM channel.

PSS is just the beginning of mobilizing airline data.

Airlines who are evaluating PSS systems can get the impression that compliance with PSS solutions from leaders like Amadeus and Sabre will solve all their integration challenges.

In fact this is seldom the case. Whilst PSS does have valuable benefits for airlines, the PSS solutions will not automatically enable PSS data to be leveraged directly, or to integrate the PSS data with data generated by other systems.

That’s where ConztanzONE is the solution. Our universal data hub can unlock the power of PSS as well as any other database or systems – internal or external – involved in the traveler journey (baggage system, DCS, Crew, etc). ConztanzONE turns one-way silos of data into two-way information assets, thanks to its ability to make data from any format shareable, on the fly.

ConztanzONE is a faster and more cost-effective solution than any existing integration layers. Airlines benefits from a proven integration platform, developed by air transport experts over the last three years. Better still, the airline’s own IT team will have control over their own data because ConztanzONE is both system agnostic and open.

Preparing airlines for the world of APIs.

Beyond PSS, data will drive a whole new range of partnerships and services for innovative airlines. With ConztanzONE, the airline is firmly in control of those innovations too.

For example, taking part in multimodal apps or working with emerging resellers requires the airline to feed increasingly sophisticated APIs.

Therefore, being able to integrate real-time data from other systems – like bag-drop or in-airport beacons – gives airlines the opportunity to improve customer service across a variety of touchpoints and all along the journey.

The common factor is that none of these data-driven services can exist in isolation. The successful airline needs its data to be a ubiquitous whole, and its data assets should be able to work with a wide variety of triggers (bag not in, boarding gate changed, message for connecting passenger, flight canceled etc) and interdependencies.

Flightglobal discussion: ‘Architecting agility, integration and innovation in PSS’.

Bertrand Kientz, co-founder and CEO of Conztanz, is part of the panel for the discussion about airline architecture agility at Flightglobal 2016, London. The discussion is scheduled for Day #3 – Thursday, September 22nd – at 10:10 AM.

Kientz is looking forward to meeting fellow panellists and delegates at the Flightglobal discussion. “The airlines we work with start using ConztanzONE for the way it breaks down data silos, but quickly find that our innovation hub goes beyond core process that by enabling smart process triggers. For example, in house or partner data events can trigger communications to the traveler or the operations team, both of which improve customer service and contain operational costs.”

Kientz and his team will be available to answer questions about ConztanzONE after the panel discussion.

Come and visit us on our booth, if you’d like a demo or to experience a live development of your own use case. Please use the contact form below to explain your use case and arrange a demo.

Key themes for the Flightglobal discussion:

Hidden costs of integration
Interoperability of the system
Interfacing and integrating with outside

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