EU Passenger Name Record Legislation. PNR Airline Audit Package From Conztanz.

By Hélène Dubos | PNR & Security Border

Jan 25

Sophia Antipolis, France. January 14th, 2016. Conztanz is a consulting and software firm specializing in data projects for airlines and airports. The company is a leader in PSS Passenger Service Systems integration, and has recently worked on France’s API-PNR project.

Based in Sophia Antipolis – France’s ‘silicon valley’ technology park to the north of Cannes – Conztanz has worked with a growing list of airlines to lead seamless migration and implement PSS solutions.

As a result of this work, the company was recently asked to collaborate on the French API-PNR Passenger Name Record project.

Currently being trialed with a pilot group of four companies, the API-PNR initiative will capture nineteen datasets about passengers for all flights to and from France.

Emile Malka, Senior Expert Consultant at Conztanz, explained the company’s involvement in the API-PNR project. “In terms of system design, we were responsible for ensuring that the relevant data from the airlines on the pilot scheme could be gathered and pushed to a central system.”

Malka continues: “Due to our in-depth airline industry knowledge, we were also tasked to manage the certification process. This including designing the methodology, and checking the subsequent integrity and correct correlation of PNR data.”

Based on their experience of airline PSS systems and the French PNR project, Conztanz are now offering airlines an audit to measure their own readiness for the proposed EU PNR legislation.

The audit will enable flag carrier, regional and low-cost airlines alike to assess the full project path for compliance with EU and potential national PNR legislation. The audit also includes a gap analysis on existing systems for data collection and pushing, and provides a project roadmap.

Conztanz has written a blog post on EU PNR Airline implementation. You can read more at

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