Emirates Win Skytrax 2016 World Airline Awards

By Hélène Dubos | Trends & Innovation

Nov 01

You know an airline is doing great things when one of YouTube’s most famous ‘vlogger’ personalities gets over 21 million views for his video about traveling business class on Emirates.

In what has got to be one of the smartest social marketing moves ever, Emirates upgraded top vlogger Casey Neistat from business class to first class on a recent trip from New York to Dubai. Neistat, who has over five million YouTube subscribers, created an entertaining video, above, about the experience … which was watched by over 21 million people.

So Emirates plainly got Neistat’s vote, in particular for the ‘dream come true’ of having a shower whilst flying! But a survey of 19.2 million passengers by Skytrax also came to the same conclusion, by voting Emirates as the world’s favorite airline for 2016.

Emirates win Skytrax 2016 World Airline Awards.


In a ceremony at the UK’s Farnborough Airshow in July 2016 (see link #1 below), Emirates picked up the 2016 World Airline Awards for ‘Airline of the Year 2016′. Top teams from over 40 airlines around the world attended the event.

Edward Plaisted of Skytrax commented that the awards are taken seriously by the airline industry because they rely on a survey of millions of fare-paying passengers. See link #2 below for a detailed analysis of Skytrax’s methodology for the survey.

And notwithstanding Casey Neistat’s review of Emirates first class service (which, by the way, was made after the awards ceremony, so did not influence the results) Emirates’ President Sir Tim Clark mentioned that the company had received positive feedback for its First, Business and Economy Class services. “The fact that these awards are based on the direct feedback from passengers is gratifying and wonderful recognition for all of the hard work that’s gone into creating the Emirates experience,” he said.

Middle East and Asian airlines dominate the Skytrax awards.

Reporting on the awards, UK national newspaper The Daily Mail highlighted (see link #3 below) that only one European airline, and no American airlines, has made the top ten. Lufthansa, at number ten in the list, was the only European airline.

According to the 19.2 million million passengers who were interviewed, these are the world’s top airlines:

1. Emirates
2. Qatar Airways
3. Singapore Airlines
4. Cathay Pacific
5. ANA All Nippon Airways
6. Etihad Airways
7. Turkish Airlines
8. EVA Air
9. Qantas Airways
10. Lufthansa

Using data to improve airline customer satisfaction.

Winning awards and being voted top of the class by passengers involves every aspect of the business, from hardware items like the aircraft infrastructure, lounges and check-in facilities through to the ‘soft’ factors like airline staff and IT processes.

And for many airlines, the soft side of the business is where they can get a fast return on investment in the quest to boost customer satisfaction.

Conztanz specializes in helping airlines to unlock the full customer satisfaction potential of their data. From PSS migration and PNR compliance through to data management and app creation with the ConztanzONE innovation hub, Conztanz understands how to help airlines squeeze the maximum value out of their IT resources.

If you’re aiming to see your airline on the Skytrax 2017 top ten list of airlines, talking to Conztanz could be a great start.

IATA GPS Global Passenger Survey review.

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