Data Accessibility And Quality Is #1 Concern For Airlines.

By Hélène Dubos | Technology

Oct 03

A survey of 450 travel professionals cited passenger data quality as their biggest concern.

In April 2017, UK travel retail specialist EyeForTravel published a survey titled ‘The State of Data and Analytics in Travel Report 2017’.

The report (link below) was based on a global survey of 450 travel data professionals, from all major job roles and disciplines.

Now Philippe der Arslanian - acting CMO and head of business development, North America, for Conztanz - has written an article titled: ‘Airlines – time to catch that missed data connection.

Published by the prestigious tnooz travel sector website (link below), Philippe’s article gives practical insights into how airlines can improve the quality of their passenger data.

Conztanz finds that up to 75% are disconnecting to business critical data.

In his article for tnooz, Philippe der Arslanian reports on Conztanz’s own findings based on the ‘Airline Customer Intimacy Data’ index, also known as the ACID test. Philippe highlights that although the majority of data dimensions are business critical, airlines are still not able to provide access to them. For example, “end-to-end traveler data” - covering the phase from booking to landing including disruption and events occurring during the journey - is business critical for 96% of respondents .... but only 25% have access to it.The reason may come from the difficulty in collecting this data from the different systems involved in the traveler management process.

“Synchronization of multiple systems is key to leveraging the full value of IT,” explains Philippe. “It’s the lack of quality data which prevents airlines from unlocking the full potential of their IT investment for initiatives such as real-time & personalised interactions, including relevant ancillary offers, appropriate assistance or an efficient self-service interface.

He also highlights that the ConztanzONE ‘airline agility data platform’ is one way in which airlines can assemble, quality control and then leverage their data.

The vast majority of retailers including airlines and airports agree: data is a necessary business enabler to master.

Thanks to data, airlines can dynamically tailor and perfect personalized digital experiences that increase customer satisfaction and yield, while simultaneously reducing integration and operational costs.

But that data is only useful when it is complete, reliable and instantaneous. And according to a recent study by Conztanz covering more than 20 airlines, that is rarely the case.

Source: Airlines – time to catch that missed data connection.

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