Conztanz Wins Contracts For Luxembourg Government PIU And Luxair PNR Implementations

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Oct 18
API-PNR gateway for Luxembourg

Sophia Antipolis, France. October 11, 2017. The Luxembourg Government has selected the Conztanz to connect to PNR data from airlines via API-PNR community gateway. The EU Government has set a deadline of May 2018 for member states to implement a PIU Passenger Information Unit.

With the help of Conztanz, Luxembourg will be the first country to connect to his API-PNR community Gateway. This highly secured community solution, independent from data analysis systems, is offering a single point of collection for PNR data sourcers to any subscribing government. The API-PNR gateway developed by alleviates the burden of multi-source connection, data certification and permanent consistency checks.

In a separate announcement the Luxembourg state airline, Luxair, has also appointed Conztanz as the PMO Project Management Officer for the airline’s own “PNR push to Gov” system. As PMO, Conztanz manages all phases of PNR implementation with the 17 participating states, including original specification, connectivity and data validation processes. Conztanz will also provide ongoing support and compliance with evolving PNR regulations.

Conztanz CEO Bertrand Kientz says the company’s experience with France’s e-PNR project enabled Conztanz to bring ready-made technology and consulting skills to the Luxembourg project. “As part of the e-PNR initiative, we have already contributed to France’s governmental PNR system, and also certified more than 60 airlines for flights to, from and within France.”

Kientz emphasized that the Conztanz PNR offer is comprehensive. “Not only are we entrusted with compliance certification for the airlines themselves, but also for the airline’s assets and partners. This includes airline PSS systems, tour operators and ground handlers, all of which need to be engaged in the certification process. Our objective is to be both proactive and cooperative, helping airlines and their partners to comply with PNR in the most timely fashion. Integrating PNR demands a significant effort from the airlines.”

Airlines and governments have until May 2018 to comply with the EU PNR 2016/681 directive. Member States must establish specific PIU entities responsible for the storage and processing of API-PNR data. The Directive regulates the way Member States can use the API-PNR data collected and provides for the necessary data protection safeguards.

About Conztanz

Conztanz is a software and IT consulting company dedicated to enable data-related transformation for airlines industry while improving the end-to- end traveler’s experience. We ease IT and digital transformation. 

In our always-connected world, travel industry players heavily rely on digital to improve their real-time commerce capability, their operations efficiency and their traveler’s experience. The ability to know your customers and push relevant information at the right time to the right interface are key.

We have developed a powerful Data Agility Platform running as an intelligent bridge between an intelligent bridge between back-end systems e.g. PSS and front-end interfaces. It collects multi-source data, deducts customer context and empower business applications and digital channels with real-time, context-based and personalized interaction capabilities.

Combined with our in-depth expertise in the air transport industry, Conztanz enable the quick success of a large spectrum of critical projects such as e-Commerce transformation, self-service application, PSS migration, NDC adoption and API-PNR implementation.



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