Conztanz and Luxembourg partners with Eurocontrol to enhance API-PNR Gateway product and support European Passenger Information Units

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Jun 22
air traffic control tower

New Eurocontrol crosscheck feature on Conztanz's API-PNR Gateway

The state of Luxembourg and Conztanz are pleased to announce the operational release of a new Eurocontrol crosscheck feature within its API-PNR Gateway. The update, which is currently available, provides certainty to the authorities that they will receive all required PNR data in time from the airlines. In the case of breach, they will even receive a real-time alert.

Since May 2018, all European Union (EU) governments have been required to set up a Passenger Information Unit (PIU), which collects Passenger Name Records from all intra and extra-EU flights flying from and to their country. The purpose of the PIU is to enhance security in Europe by monitoring the movements of known terrorists and criminals, before relaying this to their competent authorities.

The API-PNR Gateway provides a simple solution for governments to collect data on all PNRs from airlines and presents this in an easy-to-use dashboard, where the authorities can monitor the transmission of passenger data. The API-PNR Gateway system is used to the great satisfaction of the Luxembourg police.

The platform supports a brand new feature which incorporates real-time air traffic data from Eurocontrol, the centralised flight control system which collects information on all flight traffic within Europe. Whenever an air carrier needs to fly in European airspace, it must inform Eurocontrol. Furthermore, in the case of flight cancellations or delays, this information is instantly relayed to Eurocontrol – who then immediately forward this data to air traffic control towers across the continent.

An agreement exists with Eurocontrol to share this real-time flight information with our API-PNR Gateway system. Therefore a new dashboard is now available for end-user security officers, so they can be aware of which flights are in their airspace. This dashboard also alerts them about delays and cancellations in real time: This is a new and a unique feature provided by the API-PNR Gateway.

This update enables the security services of European States for the first time to consistently receive a full picture of passenger name records (PNR) because the API-PNR Gateway matches all PNR flight data to Eurocontrol air traffic data, providing an uninterrupted and complete stream of data.

The police of the state of Luxembourg said: “The inclusion of real-time Eurocontrol data is a unique feature of our API-PNR Gateway system, and ensures that consistently receive timely and accurate data related to real air traffic, allowing us to take immediate action in case of missing PNR information for any flight.