Conztanz improves its Passenger Name Record (PNR) solution to help airlines comply with new EU directive by May 25th deadline

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Apr 18
Conztanz Sky Innovators.

Sophia Antipolis, France. April 11, 2018.

Airline technology specialist Conztanz is delighted to announce the launch of two powerful new features to its Passenger Name Record (PNR) solution. The new features make it much easier for airlines to collate data on passengers as required by the European Union’s EU2016/681 directive which the May 25th deadline is fast approaching. Conztanz’s updates make it much easier for airlines to comply.

The new EU regulation requires air travel operators to transmit the PNR data of their passengers with individual EU member states to help police Authorities fight against terrorists and criminals. However, many airlines struggle to share their PNR data with EU governments due to technical challenges, meaning they risk fines and reputational damage.

To help airlines manage this problem, Conztanz developed the Passenger Name Record (PNR) Hub which helps tour operators, airlines and charter companies to organize their data and comply with the new constraint:

PNR Aggregator:

Many companies’ PNR data is scattered in different systems or in an unstandardized format meaning it is difficult to collect and send to the Passenger Information Unit (PIU) in EU member states. PNR Aggregator collects data from multiple data source easily.

PNR Messaging Generator:

Sending PNR data and messages in the format requested by the EU directive and the EU States can be complex and time-consuming. PNR messaging generator collects and standardizes this information and sends it to the correct PIU at the appropriate moment.

Conztanz CEO Bertrand Kientz explains the benefit of these developments: “We believe our improvements will make it significantly easier for the small and medium-sized carriers, who do not have the technical expertise in-house or time. Using the Conztanz PNR hub will enable them to collect the requested information and comply quickly with the regulation”.
Mr Kientz added: “Furthermore, with our solution, an airline will be connected to all States PNR systems at once”.

Conztanz has a long experience in the PNR security domain. We have helped and certified more than 70 airlines in the French PNR project since 2015, and we have developed a specific PNR gateway for EU governments, already live for The State of Luxembourg. Conztanz constantly evolves its PNR solutions, and is currently involved in workgroup at EU level around the implementation of the future ETIAS (EU Travel Authorization) system.

About Conztanz

In our always-connected world, travel industry players heavily rely on digital to improve their real-time commerce capability, their operations efficiency and their passengers’ experience. The ability to know your customers and push relevant information at the right time to the right interface is key.
We have developed a powerful Data Agility Platform running as an intelligent bridge between back-end systems such as PSS and front-end interfaces. It collects multi-source data, deduces customer context and empowers business applications and digital channels with real-time, context-based and personalized interaction capabilities.

Combined with our in-depth expertise in the air transport industry, Conztanz enables the rapid success of a large spectrum of critical projects such as e-Commerce transformation, self-service application, PSS migration, NDC adoption and API-PNR implementation.


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