Conztanz Agility Platform at T2RL Event.

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Oct 06

Scheduled for October 10-12, London, the 2017 ‘New Generation of Airline Passenger Service Systems 2017’ event, organized by T2RL - Travel Technology Research - is a meeting place for airline visionaries from around the world.

It’s the fourth event in the series, and this year Conztanz will be playing a key role in presenting thought-provoking innovation solutions to the airline industry. 

Airlines need to combine agile innovation platforms with extreme reliability.

Bertrand Kientz, Conztanz’s CEO, will be serving on the panel for the session titled: “Architecting agility whilst retaining reliability.”

Moderated by Chris Bird, Principal Analyst at T2RL, the session will cover six key topics:

  • Stability over cost saving?
  • Robust systems: How vital are they when architecting agility?
  • Best of breed - The need to be agile and reliable.
  • Implications for commercial enterprise architecture vs. technical considerations.
  • Maintaining efficient airline systems while providing rich retailing and new digital capabilities.
  • New architectural drivers based on digital, data and innovation enablers.


ConztanzONE agility platform for airlines.

The Conztanz Data Agility Platform is fully aligned with the T2RL airline technology reference model.

This model defines an Agility platform around four key attributes:
1. Digital Enabler.
2. Transition Enabler.
3. Data Enabler.
4. Innovation Enabler.

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