Efficient and cost-controlled support for airlines in the post-Covid era

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Sep 08
Thuth about being 'data-driven'

Conztanz, likewise its customers and the IT providers in the sector of airline  passenger services, has used the peak period of the crisis to analyse the various safe restart and possible accelerations of its customers, prospects, and has adapted its expert consulting and software offers accordingly.

The key take-aways of our analysis

Airlines are facing very diverse situations depending on their region, their current business and shareholding model, they all seem having not yet secured their future model, but we see some fundamental trends in the passenger services area :

  •  Find durable savings in the distribution channels : GDS costs, PSS costs, optimize or simplify PSS usage , automate rebooking and refunding with traditional suppliers and/or new entrants ( new PSS, RPA/chatbot suppliers,  …)
  • Accelerate digital interactions, especially at airports, to better secure passengers health safety . Again with their usual PSS or new partners proposing innovating services such as baggage pick-up delivery at home.
  • Regain customer confidence and loyalty, which means acquire a more accurate view of each and every passenger, through in-house IT developments or with the help of usual PSS , or ad hoc partners, 
  • Digital Transformation has become a MUST DO, not only to lower costs of operations but also to  improve Customer Experience.This is essential to create reliable digital interactions and relevant end to end offers, adapted to the evolving customer-base and aligned with new targeted business model challenges.

The IT providers landscape is changing, there are still the incumbents looking to address new types of airlines, but we see new entrants coming from other industries like retail or CRM . We have identified  some interesting trends :

  • The (incumbents) market leaders leverage their powerful optimization capabilities, partner with digital automation new entrants, and with expert consulting companies to optimize their systems usage.
  • PSS challengers see opportunities to promote their simpler and cheaper features to airlines having chosen this deep saving but risky direction. They face several challenges : Understand in detail the features of the market leaders, focus on the essential ones and the ones that airlines should reconsider in the new world, and provide flexible and easy integration with other airline systems, to minimize migration risks and costs.


Conztanz's Consulting and Solutions for Post-COVID Airline re-build

In this context, CONZTANZ, who has delivered since 2013,  a set of deep transformational projects to many airlines and PSS (Worldwide) , can bring key assets in the above situations, both to airlines and IT providers:

  • An in-depth knowledge of PSS leaders and some new entrants features, which can secure either PSS migrations, PSS usage optimization, and integration of new airline service partners.
  • An in-depth knowledge of passenger data (read this post to get some examples), and their management by the various PSS or DCS , giving our consultants an immediate, operational capacity to accompany your new passenger related BI challenges.
  • A Travel Data Agility Platform
    • capable of ease integration between a PSS with other or new ancillary services, and to profile in an accurate way the behavior of passengers according to  airline offers and services.
    • which is, also, able to feed an Robotic Process Automation software with personalized passenger data, to improve Customer Experience and reduce operational costs. 

Before the COVID crisis , we have partnered or engaged discussions with many airlines as an innovative, agile, and expert small company, we believe we can bring them value in this uncertain re-build context.

Don’t hesitate to leave us a message, or contact directly raphael.bejar@conztanz.com our CCO or a member of our team.