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Jun 26

Transition to New Distribution Capability (NDC) and retail innovation: New Conztanz and InteRES partnership

By Hélène Millet | Trends & Innovation

The airline industry sees consumer-oriented retailing capabilities as the way to go. The vision is clear. Outdated tools and procedures are to be modernized or eliminated step by step. But existing traditional channels and their underlying technology and processes will remain for a considerable period of time. But how to manage transition?What is the best […]

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Nov 24

Everything You Need to Know About Airline Digital Transformation

By Hélène Dubos | Personalization

Digital transformation in the airline industry is at the top of every senior decision marker’s agenda in commercial aviation, but it is still unclear what it means. But what is digital transformation? And what are the implications for airline?

As it touches on every area of the airline, digital transformation means different things to different people. Here are ten critical, actionable outcomes that the carrier board and management team can expect from embracing the digital transformation of their airline:

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