Braathens aviation selects Conztanz’s smart and agile travel data platform

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Apr 06
travel data platform

Using the ConztanzOne data platform, Braathens Aviation enables real-time and contextual communication to travelers and can now exploit two years’ worth of historic passenger data extracted from PNR records.

Sophia Antipolis, FRANCE – April 2nd, 2016. Following on from a successful consulting engagement to help Braathens migrate to the Amadeus Altea PSS solutions, Conztanz has now implemented its ConztanzOne platform for Braathens.

Designed as a data hub to help airlines integrate legacy systems with other industry standards and emerging technology-driven solutions, ConztanzOne has been selected by Braathens to capture all data from their booking records (PNR/SBR) and to share the data securely and easily with their third-party developers of applications through APIs.

Bertrand Kientz, co-founder, and CEO of Conztanz, says that the Braathens project delivered a remarkably quick result. “we were getting 100% accuracy in extracting the passenger data from active PNR records.” Kientz explained that even in-house records like frequent flyer databases don’t deliver such a wealth of data. “By leveraging the PNR records from the PSS solution we were able to supply data to Braathens’ external app developers in record time.”

In fact, Braathens were sending live SMS traffic to customers on the same day that the ConztanzOne platform went live. Braathens said: “We had two specific marketing tasks to achieve, and the ConztanzOne solution unlocked the data to enable both of them. One, to provide portal-enabled travel history details to loyalty members/corporate flyers. Two, to enable SMS messages on a per-flight basis. ConztanzOne, and the consulting input that Conztanz offers, enabled all these objectives to be met in a fast, secure and cost-effective manner.”

More information about the ConztanzOne Airline Innovation platform can be found at

About Conztanz.

At Conztanz, our mission is to help airlines to introduce innovative new services by the smarter use of data.

Conztanz is a software and IT consulting company, specialized in providing innovative digital solutions for the travel industry. Our solution is powered by a sophisticated data platform that runs as an intelligent bridge between the airlines’ legacy Information System, PSS solutions and modern web/mobile applications.

Based on its experience in implementing the French PNR security solution, Conztanz is also ready to work on a shared EU PNR platform which would give airlines a timely and cost-effective way to comply with EU PNR legislation.