October 2018 : Best Links from The Web

By Hélène Dubos | From the Web

Oct 29

Here’s your round-up of the most important news and views in the commercial aviation space in October 2018. We’ve scoured the web to bring you the information you need to keep on top of the latest developments in the sector. Enjoy!

Air France-KLM takes the Winding Tree road

Air France-KLM has taken a cue from Lufthansa to become the latest major airline to sign a deal with Winding Tree, the blockchain start-up looking to play disruptor with its decentralised travel ecosystem.
While the Lufthansa Group, which announced its partnership with Winding Tree in 2017, may be leading the pack, Air France-KLM started exploring the possibilities for blockchain back in 2016. According to Pedro Anderson, Winding Tree founder and COO, the two companies have been engaging for some time.

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How airlines can get it right when things go wrong

IATA’s 2018 Global Passenger Survey (GPS) included insights on passenger preferences to manage disruption, offering compelling reasons why airlines and airports should aim to eliminate queues through self-service and automated options, even opening up the opportunity for airlines to profit if they handle disruption effectively.
According to the over 10,000 respondents who participated in this year’s survey, effective disruption management requires accurate and timely information, quick resolution of immediate needs, and ways to make the time spent waiting for the new flight more comfortable.

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Cathay Pacific strengthens ties with Salesforce to boost digital transformation

The airline has been a customer of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud customer since 2014. Aiming to accelerate digital transformation, generate new revenue streams and improve customer experiences with personalised engagements, Cathay Pacific is deploying Salesforce Marketing Cloud to unify sales, service and marketing, and deliver connected, personalised customer experiences across any channel, including email, social, digital advertising and more.

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ONE Order: Commercial connections

Customer needs and behaviors are changing. A modern passenger might well fly to a major hub and then use a short-haul low-cost service to a regional airport, buying a variety of ancillary services from the airline along the way, such as lounge access or a rental car. If any part of the itinerary that is contracted with the airline needs confirmation during travel, or a query arises, that modern passenger expects a single access point for all aspects of service provision. In essence, they would want one version of the truth, a single reference travel document that covers all service provision. This is ONE Order.

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How to Service the Digital Passenger: Airport Transformation for the Modern Traveler

Generation Z, aka the iGeneration, is coming of age. This new generation of travelers was born into a digital world and will comprise 32 percent of the global population by 2019, according to a Bloomberg analysis. Their presence will heavily influence and force change upon airport operations, retail strategies and the technology and tools needed to provide a positive passenger experience.

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Abta 18: ‘Blockchain can bypass Google and Amazon’

Blockchain technology will “eliminate the need for powerful third parties” in travel and “challenge the status quo”, according to Philip Wolf, founder of travel technology analyst Phocuswight. Wolf told Abta’s Travel Convention in Seville: “Google is the pre-eminent intermediary between you and the internet. Amazon is the biggest thing sitting between you and online suppliers. Blockchain can bypass all this.”

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