November 2018 : Best Links from The Web

By Hélène Dubos | From the Web

Dec 04

Here’s your round-up of the most important news and views in the commercial aviation space in November 2018. We’ve scoured the web to bring you the information you need to keep on top of the latest developments in the sector. Enjoy!

Digital Has Helped Airlines Innovate, But There’s Still a Long Way to Go

Today, it’s estimated that as many as 70 individual systems are required for airlines to operate daily. That not only means a lot of data, but a lot of opportunity for data to become out of sync and inaccurate. With industry standards such as the New Distribution Capability (NDC) becoming more widespread, airlines must create an integrated system where knowledge and data can easily be shared across the business.

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Making air travel FAST and SWIFT

FROM the time they arrive at the terminal till their plane departs, passengers at Changi Airport will enjoy a seamless and convenient journey through the facility thanks to a host of advanced technologies; many of them operating in the background.

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QOTW: Something about achieving true automation

For an industry that, nowadays, has technology running up and down its backbone, automation is a scary word for many that work within it. Data, connections, consumer interfaces, web services - they all help to power the way the industry operates, mostly in an extremely efficient way that allows travelers to move and stay around the globe in a seamless fashion. You only need to see the chaos (and the headlines) that ensue when something goes wrong with the technical infrastructure.

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NDC Grows, But There Are Big Hurdles To Overcome

IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) program is advancing, with 21 airlines on the leaderboard committed to processing 20% of their bookings volume through NDC by 2020. The opportunity to improve the way in which products are presented and to better sell ancillaries is inspiring airlines to experiment. As adoption grows, the significance of this new distribution standard becomes more apparent.

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AirAsia enlists Google for help in digital transformation

AirAsia is working with Google Cloud to bring machine learning and artificial intelligence to the airline as part of its digital transformation. The company has been working with a number of Google products and services such as Google + and Google Drive for a number of years and decided to extend this further. The technology will help AirAsia to better optimize its data and further develop its online and loyalty program platforms according to group chief executive Tony Fernandes who was speaking at last week’s Google Cloud Next 18 event in London.

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Lufthansa’s Digital Hub Launches Software Unit to Help Others Sell Travel Better

Lufthansa Group and its technology arm Lufthansa Innovation Hub have debuted Yilu, a subsidiary that aims to help travel brands sell their products and cross-sell other providers’s products to travelers before and during their trips. Yilu is an enterprise software subsidiary that aims to help airlines and hotel chains add revenue streams by integrating third-party services, such as ground transportation or tours and activities, for sale to their customers.

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