What can airlines do to catch up with today’s customer expectations?

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

May 22

What can airlines do to catch up with today’s customer expectations?

Today’s airline passengers have exceptionally high expectations of their airline experience thanks to improvements brought about by digital transformation. eCommerce giants, social media sites and entertainment platforms all provide their customers with a personalized experience. So, when airlines fail to deliver, customers are naturally disappointed.
Bertrand Kientz – CEO of Conztanz – recently explored this issue in more detail with Forbes

From the in-flight interactions to the kind of sales and marketing messages they receive, today’s customers want more. So, how can airlines deliver?

How can airlines become digitally agile?

If an airline wants to offer its passengers a personalized experience, using a digitally agile travel data platform like Conztanz provides enormous benefits, including:

  • Collect information from  any systems - booking, departure, CRM  - and other events which affect passengers:  An agile system can collect data that is generated from right across your airline’s IT systems to build up a detailed and meaningful view of your customers
  • Put that personal data to work: Data alone has little value. However, by using a Travel Data Agility platform, you can intelligently offer personalized services and sales opportunities to customers, depending on their profile, current trip and past behaviour.
  • Arm teams with relevant data: Giving your teams relevant, contextual data when they interact with customers can give you enormous benefits regarding personalization. Whether that’s your marketing/sales department choosing the most appropriate channels for messaging clients, or developing personalized offers, agile data can help you catch up with today’s customer expectations

For more detail on developing a personalized passenger experience, watch the full Forbes interview with Bertrand today.