How is the aviation industry moving towards data agility?

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

May 24

How is the aviation industry moving towards data agility?

Data agility is about an organization using data held in different locations in a dynamic and creative manner.This is essential for providing a personalized customer experience in today’s aviation sector.

Airline companies hold vast amounts of information about their customers, yet unless they can find truly agile ways of using this data, it offers little real value. Bertrand Kientz, Conztanz’s CEO recently discussed this topic in detail with Forbes.

The good news is that a range of airlines and industries related to the aviation sector are using improved techniques to manage their data and provide this kind of personalized experience. Bertrand outlined some key examples among Conztanz’s current customer base.

Examples of data agility in the aviation sector

In the Forbes interview, Bertrand picked out some key examples of organizations working in the aviation sector who use Conztanz’s tools to manage passenger data in a more agile, dynamic and creative manner:

  • Airlines: Airlines such as BRA and Air Corsica began to fully leverage   their data using Conztanz’s data agility platform
  • eCommerce: Conztanz partners with a wide range of eCommerce platforms such as US-based PROS or Switchfly who wish to make use of customer data in an agile and creative manner
  • Government and regulation: Conztanz is also able to help national governments comply with the EU new directives concerning the PNR data collection .

For more detail and in-depth examples of how a data agility platform can support the aviation sector, watch the full Forbes interview with Bertrand Kientz today.