Airlines are behind the curve when it comes to customer experience

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

May 18

The airline industry is falling behind customer expectations when it comes to providing a personalized experience. That’s according to Bertrand Kientz, CEO of Conztanz who was recently interviewed by Forbes on the current state of the sector – watch the full interview here.

In the digital era, customers have become accustomed to personalized, meaningful interactions with brands. Unfortunately, the airline industry hasn’t managed to keep up with these changes – and this leads to a frustrating experience for today’s passengers.
Watch the Forbes interview to understand why airlines are falling behind the curve.

Barriers to offering a personalized passenger experience:

  • Focus on operations

Airlines had for a long time focused on operations rather than on customer. Of course, departing and arriving on time is essential, but now have to catch up to put the customer on the center of their processes

  • Overly complex systems

IT systems are based on legacy software which makes it near-impossible to provide a joined-up, personalized customer experience

The solution is better customer knowledge

Understanding airline passengers and their needs is, of course, the best way of providing this kind of personalized service. And the irony is that many airlines already hold vast amounts of this data – but because of the way their IT is organized, they struggle to join the dots and truly get to know their customers.

While this is a challenge, there are solutions out there. Watch the Forbes video today to understand what airline industry leaders are doing to get to know their customers better - and get ahead of the curve when it comes to the passenger experience.