An agility platform could mitigate Major Airlines IT Outages

By Hélène Dubos | Technology

Jun 15

Airline C-Suites and IT teams around the world have been alarmed by the rapid fallout caused by British Airways’ recent technology fail. But no matter if the cause was outsourced programming or a power failure, first cost assessment is reported to be in the region of UK£100 million ($128 million). This was not a first. Other major carriers, such as Delta, have unfortunately experienced similar massive outages.

One of the major impacts in these drastic situations seems to be that some critical customer-related data is not available anymore, and that airlines globally lack some agility to recover quickly and handle these disruptive situations in real-time.

That is typically where a data agility platform could potentially help with access to up-to-date customer data in an agile environment.

A data agility platform is a independent integration environment centralizing, preferably in real-time, all airline data needed for operational reasons – such as the detailed journey of each traveler – to orchestrate any relevant interactions and smart business processes with other systems.


An agility data platform offers reassuring features:

1. Offer an extra level of resilience by keeping a rolling record of the active bookings immediately accessible on an independent system.

2. Have events detection capacity and rules-based alerts to automatically update passengers.

3. Can empower self-service solution, independent from the central system

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ConztanzONE is such an agility platform.


A new way to access customer data

Because it is cloud-based and can gather data in real-time from multiple internal silos and partner systems, it’s native to have a ‘rolling bookings’ database with ConztanzONE.

Then, if there is an outage of the core DCS systems, airline staff would at least have the option of reverting to manual system.

Unlimited use cases can be driven by ConztanzONE platform thanks to its flexibility and its universal travel-oriented data model. Everything from PNR data exchange, real-time & self-service disruption management, to booking & post-booking ancillary sales personalization can be achieved.


Manage disruption through instant & direct dialog with passenger.

Another feature of ConztanzONE is context-based action & personalized messaging based on its powerful profiling database. In everyday use this can be valuable for contextually relevant ancillary marketing, and for managing news or proposing assistance in case of disruption.

The ConztanzONE platform integrates features to automatically share news and propose the appropriate ‘ground’ services (such as self-service hotel accommodation with its Airline IROP Management product co-developed with Switchfly), based on the traveler situation, profile and airlines customer care rules.

This automated messaging – with a full set of self-service capabilities – can enhance customer satisfaction and prevent front desk employees from being overwhelmed by anxious passengers.

C-suites and IT managers. Want to know more about how ConztanzONE can leverage your current IT into tomorrow’s market dynamic?

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