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Sep 08

Efficient and cost-controlled support for airlines in the post-Covid era

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Conztanz, likewise its customers and the IT providers in the sector of airline  passenger services, has used the peak period of the crisis to analyse the various safe restart and possible accelerations of its customers, prospects, and has adapted its expert consulting and software offers accordingly.The key take-aways of our analysis Airlines are facing very […]

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Feb 21

Everything You Need to Know About Airline Digital Transformation

By Hélène Dubos | Personalization

Digital transformation in the airline industry is at the top of every senior decision marker’s agenda in commercial aviation, but it is still unclear what it means. But what is digital transformation? And what are the implications for airline?

As it touches on every area of the airline, digital transformation means different things to different people. Here are ten critical, actionable outcomes that the carrier board and management team can expect from embracing the digital transformation of their airline:

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