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Consulting Services

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PNR and security for airlines

Preparation services

Project plan : Scope of work with Data Providers, budget & risk assessment in regards of the State(s) requirements

Data flow Implementation

Global project management

Management of the interface with the PIU & State teams

Implementation of the technical connection with State systems

Validation of data quality and management of the acceptance test

Airlines system and data Experts
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API PNR gateway

A community solution to ease data exchange between Governments & Airlines administrered by a State-owned entity of Luxembourg for Europe

A unique point of connection for all airlines

One single point of collection for all States Authorities

Although it is not the core task of a PNR Information Unit (PIU) system, the implementation of the API-PNR data collection is a mandatory and complex step, which is time consuming for all stakeholders, States and Airlines.

Each country needs to connect to all airlines operating into their airspace to route the mandatory PNR data to their own PIU.

And airlines have to organise the PNR data consolidation, with their numerous partners intervening into their data ecosystem (DCS, Crew systems, Reservation systems), in order to send conform data flow to each State requirements.

Operated by airlines & security systems experts

Based on a shared business model for EU members

Ensuring permanent Data quality