BRA Braathens Regional Airlines Improve SMS Check-In Alerts With ConztanzONE

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Feb 24

When Sweden’s BRA was using the Amadeus ACC check-in notification system (link below), SMS alerts were limited to a fixed time before departure. So people making bookings after this time missed out on these useful and brand-building alerts.

But now Conztanz has developed a more flexible SMS solution. Five key features of the new software are:

1 – Enable SMS notifications, even for last-minute bookings.

2 – Easy alert content and timing customization, to meet each airline’s rules.

3 – No notification for wheelchair access or unaccompanied children, where online check-in is not available.

4 – Only one alert sent to bookings with “family” passengers (with only one contact number).

5 – More versatile use of PNR data to source the passenger mobile phone number.

Airlines turn SMS check-in notification into a marketing asset.

Based on the ConztanzONE cloud-based smart data platform for airlines, the new SMS CheckIn Alert tool is easily configured by airlines.

David Pautet of Conztanz, who was responsible for implementing the BRA solution, said: “In 2016, Conztanz helped BRA to efficiently retrieve passenger mobile numbers and push SMS alerts on a per-flight basis. Now we’ve extended this functionality to enable real-time, event-triggered SMS alerts on a per-passenger basis. Even for last-minute bookings.”

Using airline PSS and PNR data more efficiently.

Pautet went on to explain how Conztanz helped BRA to leverage the maximum value from their PNR data. “As our consultants help airlines for their PSS migration, we have an in-depth knowledge of the capabilities of these systems. This — combined with the ability of our ConztanzONE smart data platform to provide real-time integration of data from multiple sources — meant we could build additional features into the Checkin Alert tool from day one.”

“For example, solutions like the well respected Amadeus Online Check-in Reminder (see link below) extract mobile phone numbers from two fixed record fields: the APN emergency contact field and the APM mobile phone field. But our tool gives airlines the flexibility to query any number of fields in real-time — even from other databases — where the passenger’s mobile phone number might be stored.”

Pautet continued, “We were also able to add useful features like variable pre-flight timings for SMS alerts, the filtering of passengers so only people who could check-in online were alerted, and a smart way to only send one alert to a multi-passenger booking.”

ConztanzONE SMS CheckIn Alert enables flight check-in status actions.

Another benefit of using the ConztanzONE platform is that airlines can follow up on the check-in status of passengers who have received an SMS.

ConztanzONE enables sophisticated event-triggered alerts that enable airline teams to quickly implement SMS messages based on a number of event triggers. So, for example, passengers who have not acted on their original SMS with a defined time period could be sent a reminder.

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Braathens Regional Airlines.
BRA carries out operations related to air travel with the focus on domestic and regional flights in Sweden. Its operating hub is Bromma Stockholm Airport.