Airline Passenger Personalization. Actionable Customer Knowledge… Fast, Flexible and Economical.

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Feb 16
Airline Passenger Personalization

Can your technology platform do this? If not, check out the ConztanzONE Personalization Module for airlines

Imagine if you could overlay a solution onto your existing technology which enabled next-generation personalization services. Better still, it offered a rapid fix at a fraction of the cost of other systems, with no IT disruption. 

That’s the ConztanzONE Personalization Module for airlines. The ConztanzONE agility platform gathers data from any current in-house and partner data silos to feed any of your channels - SMS, emails, mobile app, webpages, merchandising system, CRM, call centre email or social media - with real time personalized and enriched information about ALL your passengers. Suddenly you can upgrade your level of service for everybody: better proactivity, better offers, while continuing pampering your most valuable customers  with differentiated services  

Here are the main datasets that can be used - individually or in combination - to trigger your personalized messages.

  • Membership data. FFP number and Tier, corporate ID or any other corporate data
  • Real-time travel context. Including stage of the journey and operational status of bag/flight– through  real-time event tracking (check-in, boarded status, delay, cancellation, bag lost)
  • Travel & purchase history. Including timestamps (flight, air & non air ancillaries, the form of payment – our solution supports any items in your catalogue).
  • Quantity metrics. Flight spending, ancillaries spending, km flown
  • Profiling data. Travel type leisure/business, experience rating, value & ranking among the full customer base regarding different metrics
  • Customized segments and tags.
  • Order summary details. Including receipts, payment, item status (even for third-parties items, if supported by API).

Here are four example applications of the ConztanzONE Personalization Module.

But with such a variety of dataset triggers - backed up by our flexible rules engine - the applications your airline can produce are only limited by the imagination.

#1. Boost ancillary sales.

Offering people relevant upgrades in a timely fashion is the foundation for increasing ancillary sales.

Studies show that passengers resent receiving offers which are not relevant to them and that such indiscriminate offers undermine and future marketing.

With the ConztanzONE personalization module, you will have deep knowledge of your customers, can detect behaviours, define dynamic segments and can easily specify rules (into the internal rule engine) for offers which will have the maximum uptake. If you wish to use  existing rule engines from other systems, no problem, you can use the personalization engine as a source of insightful data to feed external rules engines

#2. Proactive help.

Flight DelayedWith a well-configured personalization program, every passenger will feel like they have a personal assistant to help them with their flight.

Mothers with kids. Passengers with dietary needs or mobility issues. Groups. Our flexible solution detects the type of travellers, context,  micro-moments of travel, so you can propose appropriate service proactively and timely to each situation. The timing is key, raise your conversion rate by proposing at the right moment.

 #3. Disruption management.

Missed Flight

Stuff happens. But if you master the data in real-time, you can create the rules that can stop problems cascading into a disaster.

For example, with flight delays or cancellations, suddenly every passenger is shouting for help at once. So your support teams are overwhelmed.

Our personalization module can automatically send each passenger news and offers which are relevant to their situation and status.

#4. Customer retention.

The airline world is characterized by a low repurchase frequency. Around 90% of your typical airline's customer base flies less than 1.4 times a year, with pricing being the determinant factor in airline choice, after destination. Outside of the frequent passenger reward programs, brand loyalty remains surprisingly low.

There is a well known Forrester study that states that it costs 5 times as much to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one .

The ConztanzONE Personalization Module gives airlines the capability of treating every passenger like an individual, responding to their specific needs, providing customization and targeted offers at every touchpoint pre and post-flight.

Find out more about the ConztanzONE personalization capabilities

We’ve created an executive summary presentation showing how ConztanzONE can help Airlines using their data.