Beyond PSS. Airlines Take Off With Accessible Data.

By Hélène Dubos | Technology

Nov 17

Imagine if your airline data was free of silo constraints, and if your teams knew that ‘if we can imagine it, we can do it’.

IBM – and others – express the idea that companies and managers can ‘act at the speed of thought’. It’s a great notion but, unfortunately, the reality is often quite.

Ask the ideas people in your airline if data is enabling or disabling their vision … and a depressingly large proportion will probably say that the way your IT has evolved is a barrier to progress.

Conztanz has a solution right now for unlocking the full potential of silos of data and real-time traveler context. But first, imagine what you could do if only your data could keep pace with your imagination.


Dashboards, processes and customer centricity. The endgame for integrated data.


ConztanzONE includes a dashboard feature, to help airlines get rich insights from their current data.

The airline industry is becoming more complex, especially in terms of harnessing new online distribution partnerships and presenting richer customer messages within the context of multimodal travel offerings.

But, at the same time, customers demand greater simplicity, where a single click on their app will manage not just book the flight, but also re-accomodation in case of problem, airport connection or parking, car hire, hotels and onward travel. Even factors like weather events and escalating engineering problems can be factored to AI-driven business processes.

And apart from implementing next-generation applications, creative managers can also use pan-business dashboards and ‘what if’ software modeling to imagine new products and services.

It’s a tall order … and one that requires fast, open access to every silo in the company, plus partner databases and external data sources.

Which is exactly the job that the ConztanzONE innovation hub was designed to perform.


Leverage our PSS experience and our airline IT expertise to unlock your data insights.


“ConztanzONE enables inter-action between the various sources of airline customer data and business intelligence.”

The ConztanzONE smart platform gathers data from around the enterprise, presents it in a consistent format, and covers a wide range of airlines needs, including:

– those who want the ability to create better event-driven processes, such as proposing an immediate reschedule following a missed connection detection.
– those who are held back by silos of information with no inter-connections, such as sending a survey request for a flight the customer hasn’t finally boarded.
– Those who need to comply with new standards, in particular NDC.
– Those who want to develop more exciting apps and processes as a way of differentiating their business.


Find out more about the ConztanzONE Cloud-based platform.

Conztanz specializes in helping airlines to reach full customer satisfaction thanks the leverage of data potential. Conztanz understands how to help airlines squeeze the maximum value out of their sleeping data gold mine.

Now our cloud-based ConztanzONE unifies data from around the business. Key outcomes include:

– Create customer-centric apps.
– Integrate event-driven processes.
– Be ready for new industry standards.
– Manage industry disruption quickly.
– Personalize post-booking ancillaries offer.


Find out about the ConztanzONE platform