Airline Marketers. Five New Year Resolutions For 2018.

By Hélène Dubos | Trends & Innovation

Jan 12
Airline marketing and innovation in 2018.

Airline innovation. The year ahead.

An article by Forbes Magazine quotes American Express Travel figures showing that bookings for the first quarter of 2018 are up 44%.

Now the new year is here, every airline in the world will be implementing plans to leverage the opportunities - and minimize and challenges - that 2018 presents.

Check out our list of five new year resolutions that many heads of airline, markets and IT managers will be making.

1. If there's a flight cancellation or delay, I'll amaze passengers with our response.

Everybody who works in airlines - from the C-Suite through to helpdesk teams - know that when something unpredictable happens, it can quickly escalate from an inconvenience into a disaster. From one plane being grounded through to volcanos or snowstorms disrupting an entire location, unpredictability is constantly waiting to the test the airline and its processes.

Conztanz enables airlines to at least address one aspect of unforeseen disasters ... which is  keeping customers informed, and offering them relevant alternatives, thanks to its  agility data platform.

Our event & rules-based engine combined with our customer profiling capability will spring into action the moment any number of disruption types are detected. An engineering fault delaying take-off by an hour? Every passenger gets an SMS/email update and a voucher for a coffee. A snowstorm has stopped all flights? First class passengers get a four star hotel voucher by SMS/email.

The biggest moan from passengers during disruptions is "nobody tells us anything". By keeping passengers informed, you stop your helpdesk staff from being overwhelmed by anxious - and increasingly angry - passengers.

Find out more about our use case SMS alerts for airline PAX disruption and the Airline IROP management solution developed in partnership with Switchfly.

2. I'm not going to let great business-building ideas go to waste because of lack of data access.

 Airline innovators will know this story. You have a great idea for a new product or service ... but the IT people tell you that it can't be done without a lot of investment and time.

In the majority of cases, that's because airline data has evolved to be in separate silos. Passenger flight records, third party sales databases, baggage records, inflight purchases, multimodal journey details, airport purchase records, etc, etc, ... the data that airlines can mine and leverage is just too fragmented.

Conztanz have an ultra streamlined solution. And it's a solution which doesn't involve massive re-engineering, time or cost. ur ConztanzONE agility platform has built-in connectors to all your existing systems - both inhouse and external - and a data model specific to air travel industry, so you can gather real-time data from multiple sources.

In an age of 'digital transformation' ConztanzONE is the enabler for making your new product and service ideas come true.

Find out more about our agility platform for digital airline innovation.

3. I'm going to regain control of our airline's brand when marketing through partners.

For many marketers the GDS Global Distribution Systems seems an antiquated way for airlines to promote their services to and through the retail channel.

Worse still, those marketers regret the fact that GDS has very limited opportunities for airlines to preserve their brand identity. In today's world of smartphone apps and the easy delivery of price-comparisons to consumers, airlines are in danger of becoming a commodity.

To give brand control back to airlines, IATA developed the NDC New Distribution Channel. Only problem is, airlines don't always have the time, resources and technology to implement NDC.

Conztanz can help with a blend of IT solutions and consulting services. Our experts in airline technology and distribution contributed to IATA's NDC steering committee ... and now our implementation task force can help you to fast track your NDC initiative.

Find out more about ​how airlines can implement NDC quickly. 

 4. I'm going to encourage new relationships by publishing APIs providing real-time access to our information.

Airlines who want to ride the wave of next generation travel apps need to share access to their IT via API Application Programmer Interfaces.

That's how innovative multimodal and smartphone travel apps can show essential information about your flight timetables, offer instant reservations and provide other services.

Creating and securely sharing API interfaces is a specialist task ... and it's one where Conztanz consultants & platform can help.  Our technology experts can assess your IT-readiness for APIs, and suggest solutions to fill in any gaps. Our ConztanzONE agile platform can be the single point of real time access  to any part of your data goldmine through its multiple built-in API. .

We’ve written a detailed introduction to the subject of airline APIs. It includes third party videos and real life examples. Find out more about developing an API strategy for airlines and airports.

5. I'm going to take important steps in our airline's evolution to a digital transformation.

ADT Airline Digital Transformation is one of those subjects that everybody is talking about ... but not many people agree on exactly what it encompasses.

And that's because ADT has implications and benefits for all the departments within an airline.

That's why we've written a major ‘helicopter overview’ article which details the top five customer-facing benefits of ADT ... and the the top-five business-facing benefits of ADT.

If you're part of the team who is steering your airline towards the benefits of ADT, read our comprehensive guide to airline digital transformation or download the article as an e-book using the form below.