Conztanz Launch Event-Triggered Airline Marketing with its Smart Data Platform.

By Hélène Dubos | Trends & Innovation

Nov 04

The recent IATA Global Passenger Survey (link below) showed that over half of airline passengers prefer to receive flight alerts by SMS. And marketers know that email marketing communications have a ‘longer tail’ than in-app messages.

But SMS alerts is just one reason why Conztanz has developed the smart data platform for airlines. By making data from inhouse silos and external sources more available to corporate IT developers through to app programmers, the smart data platform will enable airlines to imagine and implement literally thousands of data-driven initiatives.

Event triggered, language sensing, SMS and email apps for airlines.

Helene Dubos is the CMO at Conztanz. “Smartphone apps are becoming ubiquitous for airlines,” she said, “and indeed our ConztanzONE smart hub is providing the data that drives the next generation of iOS and Android apps. But there is a still a need for communications outside of apps, and our event-triggered SMS/email capabilities meet that need.”

Helene elaborated that passengers prefer SMS over apps for alerts. “For a start, SMS has wider coverage than 3G or wifi, so SMS messages have a higher likelihood of being received. And because the SMS functionality is baked into any phone, it takes less clicks to read and is generally percieved by phone users as a better alert medium. Of course SMS also works on even the cheapest of handsets, so it is more ubiquitous. Plus our modules can optionally send messages in the language of the recipient phone’s country code.”

‘Flight delayed’, ‘Missed connection’ and ‘lost luggage’ alerts are ideally suited for SMS alerts, with optional cc to email.
“At the other end of the scale,” Helene adds, “once a passenger has finished their flight, they are less likely to consult their airline app, so email will be a more resilient way of communicating event-triggered marketing messages.”

‘Frequent Flyer’ upgrade offers are ideally suited to email messages, with optional cc to SMS.

“In summary, this is why our event-triggered smart data platform capabilities combined with SMS and email channels are an exciting development for airlines. We’ve even developed a fully working demo so airlines can see how the platform works and how it will be integrated with their own IT systems.”

Use Case 1. Flight delayed SMS Update.


This potential application enables a flight delay to trigger variable messages, including:

– Set delay time to trigger SMS/email.
– Change message by time of day.
– Segment message by ticket class / frequent flyer.

Use Case 2. Missed Connection SMS ReSchedule.

This use case enables passengers to book a new flight simply by replying to an SMS:

– Reply ‘yes’ to accept new flight option.
– Give passenger a number to call.
– Send a SMS/email with a self-service link.

Use Case 3. Proactive Lost Luggage SMS Helper.

If the passenger’s luggage is not loaded onto the flight, this capability has various functions:

– Alert cabin crew for standard processes.
– SMS alert to passenger, with delivery update.
– Advise passenger of (local) help numbers.

Use Case. Join Frequent Flyer By SMS or Email.


If a passenger has flown with the airline (variable) times, the module can:

– Send an email and/or SMS frequent flyer invitation.
– Send timed follow-up reminder.

See the smart data platform demo.

If you’d like to know more about our services, please get in touch and ask for a demo. We’ll get straight back to you to start a dialog about your individual requirements.

IATA GPS Global Passenger Survey review.

Over half of passengers prefer SMS alerts, according to IATA’s survey. Want to read the original article from IATA? Click on the link below.

IATA : Passenger’s want more, but of what.