Airline digital transformation: FlyBE chose Conztanz to implement its vision

By Hélène Dubos | Conztanz News

Nov 07
Airline Digital Transformation

At Flybe, Europe’s largest regional airline, the vision for digital transformation has been all about creating a smoother, more personalized customer experience. By using the best of digital technology, the airline hopes to become the first choice for passengers who know they can rely on Flybe to offer the services they need. Read the full article on page 73 of the ERA magazine here.

Turning a vision into reality

In mid-2018, Conztanz began working with Flybe to implement their vision. We were engaged to help migrate the company’s Passenger Service System (PSS) to the Amadeus Altéa system – thereby modernizing the underlying technology that their passenger experience runs on. It was a complex project, drawing on data from a range of legacy systems to function seamlessly within Amadeus. But this was about more than just a systems upgrade – the true goal was to enable Flybe to really implement its vision for the passenger experience.

“A PSS migration is a huge undertaking for any airline. We needed to work with partners we could trust, and in this instance, with those who had an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in migrating PSS quickly and efficiently to Amadeus - and Conztanz proved the ideal partner for us in delivering this part of the project” - as declared by Roy Kinnear, Flybe Chief Commercial Officer.

In addition to the consulting services, Flybe chose to implement the ConztanzOne platform to the provisioning of critical data flows. Beyond having ensured business and operation continuity during the migration phase, the ConztanzONE platform now feeds several times a day the Flybe's data lake with revenue data and passenger connection lists. The platform also allows Flybe to be tooled for future evolution such as passenger communication enhancement or implement of personalization thanks to customer profiling.

Flybe is leading the way in Europe as an airline that has truly begun putting its digital transformation vision into practice. So, what does your airline’s vision look like?

Learn more about our scope of expertise in PSS migration and airline digital transformation.

Read the full article on The official Magazine of ERA Sept/Oct 2019:

Flybe and Conztanz