Airlines. Monetize Your Relationships With APIs.

By Hélène Dubos | Trends & Innovation

Sep 04
Expedia affiliate API for airlines.

Saudia launched a holiday package based on the Expedia affiliate API.

APIs (Application Programming Interface) are the way for companies to unlock the value in their data by securely sharing it with other organizations.

Take Expedia as case in point. Their intellectual property consists of a sophisticated search engine and booking platform backed up by 11 million property photos and 6.5 million room images.

And with the Expedia Affiliate Network (links below), third parties can get white label access to the enormous investment Expedia have made in destination relationships and IT resources.

That’s exactly what Saudi national airline Saudia did when they launched a global travel and holiday venture. Based on Expedia’s APIs, Saudia’s technology and marketing team were able to combine the Expedia package with the airline’s flights to quickly implement a sophisticated offer.

The benefits are typical for API-led initiatives: the data-owner unlocks the value in their data, and the data-user adds value for their customer base.


Combining multiple sources of APIs to invent new products and services.

APIs enable imaginative airlines to monetize their services more efficiently, and to create brand new offers.

Apart from Expedia, companies like AirBnB, Uber and car hire companies give airlines a simplified way to offer their passengers more services.

Conversely, airlines can share their data with travel partners and portals. There are a growing number of multimodal startups worldwide who give smartphone addicted millennials a one-stop-shop for their entire journey. One such innovator is Germany’s FromAtoB (link below), who recently closed a seven-figure funding round to develop an app and a global marketing campaign.

FromAtoB compares data from 700 providers of train, airplane, bus, rental cars, rideshare and taxi organizations to provide customers with comprehensive travel options.


Gathering API data from multiple sources, in real-time, with ConztanzONE.

Conztanz feeds Expedia APIs

The cloud-based ConztanzONE platform enables airlines to maximize their API potential.

Smart, real-time data enables airlines to extract the maximum value and leverage the most potential from API initiatives.

But for many airlines the challenge will be that their data isn’t all conveniently stored in one place. Up-to-the-minute passenger information might be stored in PSS or custom baggage handling systems, while passenger history and loyalty information is stored elsewhere. And those various systems could be based on different IT platforms, based in different geographical locations.

Conztanz has developed the cloud-based ConztanzONE agility platform to help airlines meet challenges of this nature. ConztanzONE can have virtual connections to data stored around the airline, and by partners like airports or resellers.

And because ConztanzONE has real-time capabilities, it can be the foundation for sophisticated ‘look to book’ online transactions.


Expedia Affiliate Network.

Saudia partners with Expedia Affiliate Network for holidays division launch.

Multimodal Travel Startup, FromAtoB, Closes 7-Figure Series A To Expand Internationally & Go Mobile.