Airline Disruption. SMS Is A Proactive Fix For Customer Satisfaction.

By Hélène Dubos | Technology

Jan 30
Airline Disruption. SMS Is A Proactive Fix For Customer Satisfaction resize

Disruption is inevitable. But rules-based software and automated SMS alerts can help airlines to minimize customer dissatisfaction.

Volcanoes, snow, industrial action, security alerts, technical faults, human error … the number of things that can disrupt flights is extensive. The only predictable component of disruption is that – whether it’s your fault or not – customers will blame the airline.

And of course the problem is exacerbated by the fact that airlines have so little elasticity when it comes to flight re-scheduling. Airports have tight control over slots, noise abatement regulations and crew working hours limit flight windows, and the knock-on effects of disruption quickly snowball throughout the air industry.

At the other end of that equation, the US Tarmac Delay Rule and EU Mandatory Compensation for Delays regulations increase the motivation for airlines to predict and reduce the impact of disruptive events.

The cost of airline disruption is $60b a year. That’s about 8% of revenues.

A recent PR Newswire press release published on Yahoo! Finance (link below) put the cost of airline disruption at some $60b a year.

And in an article about airline technology and disruption, travel specialists Skift (link below) reported examples of how Southwest airline and Delta Air Lines suffered massive passenger disruption in 2016 after, respectively, a router failure and a power outage to their data processing facilities. Naturally, this has an enormous impact on customer loyalty and brand value.

Companies like Amadeus and TIBCO (links below) offer ‘complex software that can help airlines manage disruptive factors,

And Conztanz offers an off-the-shelf solution that is, quick and easy to implement, and that can manage key disruptions such as flight delayed, missed connection and luggage not loaded.

SMS automated alerts for airline flight delayed, missed connection and luggage not loaded.

Our rules-based software enables you to offer proactive customer support in the event of key disruptions. Our platform can be connected to any communication platform. Studies show that passengers prefer SMS alerts over in-app alerts or emails.

Ask for a demonstration of all or any of these Conztanz applications:

Flight Delayed SMS alerts. Demo available.

Flight Delayed SMS alerts

– Rules-based / Set the flight delay time to trigger SMS alerts.
– Set message by passenger seat class.
– Set message by passenger status/value.
– Define compensation (meal, miles, etc) by customer status.

Missed Connection SMS alerts. Demo available.

Missed Connection SMS alerts

– Rules-based / send passenger SMS suggesting alternative flight.
– Passenger can reply YES to SMS to confirm booking.
– Passenger can receive re-schedule link to webpage.
– Alert can be detected and sent before first flight departs.

Luggage Not Loaded SMS alerts. Demo available.

Luggage Not Loaded SMS alerts

– Rules-based / alert sent to flight crew before departure, inc customer seat number.
– Customer SMS received on arrival.
– SMS includes ‘what next’ advice.

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