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About Conztanz

Created in July 2013, Conztanz was born from a common vision of the three co-founders. Between them, they have a century of experience in the travel IT sector and the accumulated experience of 15 individual initiatives. Conztanz is an expert company in data and airline IT providing consulting and a cloud-based agility platform.

We serve airlines, airports and new entrants with one ambition: help airlines and their IT Providers ecosystem to implement all the assets brought by the digital and become modern customer centric retailing companies.


Accelerate digital transformation through our consulting services and our platform.

Enable innovation by providing access to reliable data and by resolving the IT integration complexity.

Turn airlines data into valuable business assets: to raise the customer knowledge, increase the sales and enhance the level of services delivered by proactively solving issues occurring during travels.

Help new entrants to smoothly integrate their innovative services within the industry-standard of air transport systems.

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