Conztanz ONE for Salesforce

Conztanz will enrich Salesforce Customer Service App with
all relevant travelers’ data for Airlines

Salesforce has identified the Travel Industry as a major opportunity for the coming years and has ambitious ideas to transform this industry. It seems that the market is ready to follow as an increasing number of airlines are adopting Salesforce solutions, especially the Customer Service app which role is to manage the customer requests and claims.

Among their airline clients, Salesforce can quote EL AL, Emirates, SouthWest, United, KLM and much more.


Feeding the powerful Salesforce Customer Service app with the necessary customer data is a complex task for airlines due to their IT legacy.

The traveler related data are usually scattered in multiple systems - PSS, DCS, bag system - not correlated and not linked to individuals. In other words, data are managed on a per-booking management logic while Customer Service needs data managed on a per-customer basis.

The richer the information is on the customer, the better it is to rapidly and properly handle a case for the Customer Service agents.

But getting access to those data, structured by customer, is a real challenge for the air industry. This why Conztanz and Salesforce wish to solve the problem of customer data access faced by airlines.


Conztanz is building an app distributed through APPexchange, the Salesforce marketplace. This app will embed ConztanzONE technology and provide immediate access to the customer’s profile and history when a case is created in Salesforce.

Thanks to the Conztanz App for Salesforce, the information necessary to handle a case will be naturally displayed in the Salesforce interface.

Here are a preview of the Conztanz app’s strengths:

  • The data provided is real-time data and can contain the history of changes
  • The data provided can include events happening during the travel such as cancelation, delays, missed flight, loss of luggage, etc.
  • It enables airlines to do segmentation - i.e. identify all frequent travelers, whether they are or not member of the Loyalty Program - to ensure the same rules are applied to customers of equivalent value / segment

Beyond the simple information usage, those customer-related information (events, segments or any customer attribute) can be used to automate case creation and case treatment.

A “missed connection” event occurring to a high-value customer could trigger, in real-time, the automatic creation of a priority case to manage proactively the traveler’s problem.

The app integrates all the technology of Conztanz Travel Data Agility platform and the strong airline expertise of Conztanz’s team.

Expected Results

  • Reduced time for case handling
  • Higher client’s satisfaction, lower loop or case re-opening
  • Higher level of service thanks to better knowledge
  • Enablement to detect problems in advance and handle them proactively